Cristina.R - Portugal / December 2013 /
"I love watching movies so when I found ImoviesClub I got really excited! Now I can stream all the new movies live but also download them and re-watch later. I really watch a lot of movies each month, so the one-time-payment for a membership (instead of the per-title or monthly fees) is just great for me. Everything is legal so I don’t have to worry about anything when downloading my movies, which is a huge plus! I would honestly recommend ImoviesClub to any movie maniac (like myself) or simply anyone that enjoys movies. Thank you ImoviesClub for such an amazing service!"
Chris.R - Greece / December 2013 /
"Finally, I think I’ve found the movie website I have been searching for a long time.
Finally there is a one-stop place I can find any movie I want, stream it or download it and watch it my PC, my IPad or my iPhone. Really, I think that the idea behind is perfect.
You just pay a small fee per year or month and they you have unlimited access to all the movies offered. The website has a very user-friendly design. I was able to find the movies I wanted with a few clicks. But the best part is that I can actually download my movies on my IPad and watch them while I am offline.
 I have really searched and tested several movie websites around the internet. Although there are some good ones I can tell, there is no other that actually offers all these kinds of services together, with a single membership. Of course, as I saw, offers streaming and downloading for other platforms, too, like android and Kindle.

 That surprised me to be honest. I haven’t seen many websites offering all these services at once. As for the movie library, well, let’s say you will be able to find anything you need. Comedies, romance, horror, action and much more.
 I found and watched some of my favorite movies at
And did I say they also have movies in HD quality? I don’t know what more you can ask from your movie website.
For me it’s better, easier and more fun than going to the local video club.
Plus it’s much more affordable, since I pay per month and not per movie rental. The customer support is great and in fact, I was able to find some initial answers to some questions of mine through the website’s Help and Tips section.
 I believe that there is no significant question that isn’t answered there.
 In addition, this fantastic website offers some really cool and helpful guides for downloading movies or books (yes you can also download books and also audio books). I found that amazing, so much stuff to download."
Ray Cowie - / December 2013 /
"There's no shortage of movies available to download at iMovies Club and in my opinion its huge library and affordable, one-off pricing puts it way ahead of competing sites. If you want to watch something on your computer or portable devices, with a much better picture quality, then iMovies is definitely the place to be. The unlimited movie downloads range from classics to contemporary, so there's something for everyone of any age. The website itself is very accessible, well organized and subscribing gives you access to tons of films. I would highly recommend iMovies Club to those that love flicks in any genre. Thank you"
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