For the first time on clickbank we offer a fully licensed and legal movie downloads and streaming service that covers PC,MAC,Ipads,Ipods,Iphones,PSP,MP4 Players and Mobile Phones. Movies for almost every device on the planet!


*The Imoviesclub website and videos have been optimized to run seamlessly on Ipads and Iphones using HTML5! Use this feature to send Iphone and IPAD movies traffic to us. This is a HUGE untapped niche.

Movie Downloads For Every Device On The Planet
There is a HUGE hungry market of customers for the movie niche and especially ipad,iphone,ipod,psp owners who frantically scour the web for movie download sites offering movies compatible to their devices to no avail.

We are currently one of the only websites on the Internet to offer LEGALLY licensed movie downloads and streams for Ipad,Ipod,Iphone,MP4 Players in addition to Mac And Pc. We offer both DIVX & MP4 movies for either download or streaming! 

This is a huge untapped niche market!

The mp4 portable movies niche especially for ipad,iphones,ipods is a HUGE muti billion$$$  untapped market.

The reason it is mainly untapped is because other then Itunes you will rarely find legally licensed movie download services exclusively compatible to MP4 devices(MP4,H264 format) let alone offering legally licensed Unlimited Movie Downloads for a one time fee (on itunes or other services owners pay a hefty per title fee).

Amazing benefits for becoming a part of Imoviesclub affiliate family:

  • Fully Licensed & Legal Unlimited Movie Downloads Including MP4 Devices , IPAD!(Untapped Niche) ,Mac & PC.  
  • Earn a Massive 75% commission per $44.95 sale in addition to incremental cash bonuses for more sales!
  • Convert Huge Mainly Untapped Niches such as Ipad movies,iphone movies , pc & Mac Movies 
  • For the first time ever you can send IPAD,IPHONE,SMARTPHONE traffic directly to the website.Imoviesclub will run smoothly on Ipads,Iphones and Smartphones using new HTML5 Technology!

What do Imoviesclub Customers get for their membership?

We offer both Avi movie files and MP4 movie files to our customers . They can download movies to their PC/Mac and Sync them with their portable device via Itunes or any other software ,alternately they can use their Ipad,Iphone,PSP or any browser capable portable device that supports MP4 to stream movies directly on their device from our members area.

We also offer our customers a huge collection of Ebooks as part of their membership,  Ebooks(or Ibooks) has proven to be an ever growing new niche, more and more Ereader(ipad,Kindle,Nook etc..) owners seek new sources to get their ibooks from and you can target your affiliate promotions taking advantage of this marketing angle as well.

This product is a guaranteed success
With you are guaranteed to get extremely high conversions and astonishing low refunds (we offer a good product and a very active customer support), in addition , we built a product that is made to last on a niche that will only keep growing over time (hundreds of millions search for movie downloads to watch on their computers ipads,iphones,ipods,MP4 players and mobile phones).Long term financial stablility is the most important aspect of any affiliate based business and by promoting Imoviesclub this is exactly what you will get. Don't waste anymore time and start promoting Imoviesclub right away, Grab your share of this huge mainly untapped multi billion dollar market.

How to start promoting ImoviesClub
Our affiliates earn 75% commission + bonuses on each sale they make using their Clickbank hoplink. Our highest sale payout goes for as high as $39.95 which lands our affiliates a huge commission for every sale .

 Don't waste anymore time , this HUGE market is wide open and we guarrantee 100% success rate in making a lot of money should you decide to start promoting right now.

In this affiliates section we provide you with top notch promotional materials to get you started easily .  Here you can obtain Banners and Videos you can use for affiliate promotions. We also offer affiliate support, should you need any assistance from us or if you have any questions your query is most welcome, Simply contact us using the provided form below and register to our mailing list to get up to date promotional materials and updates from us. In the near future we will also be offering upsells for an additional 9.95$ that will raise the per sale value to an incredible $49.95.

If you don't have a affiliate account you can create one easily and free by using the following link:
Register To Clickbank Is Offering Affiliate Sales Bonuses! is offering bonuses on sales to it's affiates. . Now is your chance to jump on board and earn amazing commissions and bonuses with low refund rates!.

Basic Affiliate Bonus Profits + Basic Commission

Total Sales
Per Month
Bonus Payout
Per Sale
Bonus Paid
100-200 monthy net sales $1.5 Per Sale 200 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.5x200 sales:$300
201-300 monthy sales $1.7 Per Sale 300 sales = 75% Commission + Bonus $1.7x300 sales:$510
301-400 monthy net sales $2 Per Sale 400 sales= 75% Commission + Bonus $2x400 sales:$800
401-500 monthly sales $2.4 Per Sale 500 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $2.4x500 sales:$1200
501-600 monthy net sales $2.7 Per Sale 600 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $2.7x600 sales:$1620
601-700 monthly sales $3 Per Sale 700 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3x700 sales:$2100
701-800 monthy net sales $3.4 per sale 800 sales =75% Commission+ Bonus $3.4x800 sales:$2720
801-900 monthly sales $3.7 per sale 900 sales =75% Commission + Bonus $3.7x900 sales:$3330
1001 + Monthly sales Contact us Contact us for special bonus pricing

All bonuses are paid via paypal at the begining of every month regarding the previous month. Monthly sales are calculated as follows:
Total sales-Refunds-chargebacks= Net sales calculated for bonuses. To claim your bonus please shot us an email to at the begining of the month including your affiliate id, paypal mail for sending bonus payments and net sales calculations.

Primary Niches To Target Your ImoviesClub promotions
Below are just some small keyword examples that will give you a fair clue to the kind of markets you can approach while promoting :

General Niches: Free Movie Downloads ,Movie Downloads , Full Movie , Legal Movie Downloads , DVD Movie Downloads , PC Movie Downloads , MAC Movie downloads , MP4 Movie Downloads etc..

Specific Niches: Ipad movie downloads , Media for Ipad , Iphone movies,Iphone movie downloads,Ipod movies, Ipod movie downloads ,PSP movie downloads, Archos Movie Downloads  , portable movie downloads, mp4 player movie downloads  etc.. 

Additinal Sub-niches:Download Ebooks, Download PDF Books , Download EPUB, Ebooks for ipad , Ebooks for kindle , Ebooks for Nook, Free Ebooks downloads etc....

We wish you luck with your ImoviesClub promotions. If in need of support please do contact us using the provided support form and we will happily provide you with all your affiliate needs.

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